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ENT is a special field of science which deals with the ears, nose and throat of a human being. Starting with the first thing first, the ears are divided into three parts: the external ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. The external ear comprises of pinna, external auditory canal and eardrum. The middle ear consists of ossicleas and eustachian tube. The inner ear, which is also known as the labyrinth of the ear, comprises of the cochlea, vestibule and semicircular canals. The nose consists of external meatus, nostrils, septum, turbinates and nasal passages and sinuses. The throat comprises of larynx, pharynx, epiglottis, adenoids and tonsils. The ENT anatomy PPT templates which we offer are highly professional and have the potential to lead to the preparation of attractive and exclusive ENT anatomy PowerPoint presentations so that the audience can effectively understand the topic. The ENT anatomy PowerPoint templates have exotic ENT anatomy PowerPoint backgrounds which have the potential to add a thrill to the monotonous presentation and make it lively. Also, these ENT anatomy PowerPoint slides are available with a total number of 30 slides at an unbelievable but highly affordable price.
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