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Adrenal Gland PowerPoint Template

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The adrenal gland is placed just above of birth of the kidneys in a human body. This gland is as big as a walnut, but, if does not function perfectly, it may lead to a glut of health related issues. The adrenal gland performs the secretion of 50 types of hormones which includes epinephrine, DHEA, estrogen, cortisol and progesterone. Besides secreting hormones, these small glands also contribute in energy production inside a human body, fat accumulation over a human body and maintaining a balance between fluid and electrolyte in the blood cells and blood stream. The adrenal gland PowerPoint templates which we offer are highly professional and have the potential to lead to the preparation of attractive and exclusive adrenal gland PowerPoint presentations so that the audience can effectively understand the topic. The adrenal gland PowerPoint background of these adrenal gland PowerPoint slides adds a thrill to the monotonous presentations and make them lively. Also, these are available with a total number of 30 slides at an unbelievable but highly affordable price.
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